Services / Web Development

Lets build with your product

In the Start up world, what's a great product without a great website to match it?

And that product needs to be integrated with your website, whether it be node.js connections, a database or an API.

We can do the hard part and figure out how to connect to your product / app. We'll even set up that API service for you.

Give us an issue, we'll give you the solution.

In a realistic world, finding an engineer to provide you with solutions to your roadblocks would be so easy.

But that isn't the case anymore, just dealing with the hiring process can be a hassle and if you just need an web based engineer for a specific product, then what's the point?

That's where foxyhop comes to the rescue

Here's some ideas of the stuff we can create for your business

Employee checkin / checkout

Custom Dynamic Google Maps

Custom built blog

Timed Announcements

Custom CMS specific to your needs

JavaScript Widgets

Timers / Countdowns to launches

Contact Forms

Appointment Setup

Send Text to phones

Price Estimator apps

Smart tables with Data integration

Open data portals

User management / storage

Automatic Quote Forms

Timed emails to an Email list

And more...