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As a business, it can be borderline impossible to put together a website, let alone making it look attractive and maximize conversions. What about all of the “techy” details such as SEO, page load speed, and hosting?

In as little as 14 days, we’ll design a website with conversion, speed, and quality in mind. We’ll handle the technical details, so you can focus on bringing in more customers.

Our websites are handmade. No automatic processes, no overlooking little details. We put time, effort and a lot of research to curate a custom beautiful and fast website we're sure you'll fall in love with.

What we can do for your company?

Website Design

We've got the looks, the efficiency and the security better than most modern websites. Let's not forget about SEO optimization, a vital part in popular websites.

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Web Development

Need a custom & branded (your brand of course) web app to integrate with your product? Or the abilty to add announcements to your website from your phone? We can do all that and more.

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Website Bugfixes

Done googling or searching through stack overflow? We've got your back. No need to worry about your website breaking right before a product launch or an event any longer.

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So why foxyhop out of anyone else?

Website Load Speed and SEO

Just take a look at our website speed results we ran with google on May 14th, 2020. We ranked as the top 98/100 in website load speed and the top 91/100 in SEO, in the world.

That means foxyhop can make you a website that's as fast as 2 percent of all the websites out there. Below is a screenshot we took to prove it, but images are't enough proof these days. Click here if you want to run this test yourself against our websites (or your website if you wish!).

Security and Peace of Mind

We didn't really trust any other Content Management Systems out there due to vulnerabilities with user-made plugins, updates and what not. We also don't like taking shortcuts. That's why we made our own CMS and we named it FoxyAdmin.

FoxyAdmin was made from scratch and we made sure it was as user friendly as possible. With 2 easy clicks you can update anything on your website through your phone, and don't worry about the learning curve, we provide free training with any website we make for you.

We use Cloudflare to protect against hackers, spam bots, DDoS attacks and even to help us make your website faster. Cloudflare is proudly used by many large companies such as Udemy, Stack Overflow, Imgur, Lyft and many more.

"As the owner of a small business I have to wear many hats. So outsourcing some of this is crucial for my success and my sanity. I have been with foxyhop since making the switch in 2018. I would strongly recommend all of the services they provide."

"Foxyhop surpassed my expectations. Our website was tailored to attract different markets and strengthen our reputation."

Website Design Price Estimator

Use this calculator to estimate what a website with foxyhop would cost. For Enterprise projects, please contact us at for a quote, thank you.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. After transfering over the website & login persmissions. You own all the content / images and the website files. If you ever decide to change to a new hosting provider we give you everything you need to do that.
Yes. You have full access to your website after we complete it, you can even update it through your smart phone.
Of course. The first step, before even beginning to build it we provide a design which you can accept / request changes.
We'll give you on-site or remote training that'll take about 10 minutes to half an hour. It's very easy to do yourself, you'll just have to log into the website and make edits there. You can also do this from the convinence of your phone.
Of course, we offer monthly plans for new features or we have a one-time fee for new features after product delivery.
We have a post-deployment 30-day guarantee. This means if you find any bugs/typos on your website we'll fix it free of charge within that time frame.